About Us

In 2003, together with friends, we visited Bonaire for a holiday and fell in love with the island. In 2005, after several vacations on Bonaire we bought the seaside villa as we had the opportunity. We immediately started the renovation of the villa and upgraded it for divers. January 2007, we left the Netherlands and moved to Bonaire to make it our new home. Living on the island provides us with the opportunity to maintain the villa in premium condition for people to enjoy. The maintenance of the villa is a continuous process. Excessive sun, wind, salty water and the rain season are conditioning factors. Just recently the rooms in the house were redecorated.

Throughout the villa we’ve hung up dive pictures taken by our friends and local art, from drift wood. We also created a barbecue area near the ocean. There is always enough charcoal to BBQ your (local)fish or meat. When you are preparing the food, you have a great view over the Caribbean Sea and with a bit of luck you will also have a great sunset.

We hope you will visit us and stay at the Bonaire Sunset Villa. We will do our best to let you enjoy staying here as much as we do. If you have any further questions please e-mail us.

Jacqueline & Lambèr Dohmen